Real World Sign Up Example

To find the ssign-upoffers of the bookie it’s very simple you can just visit any bookie and click on their offers page.

You can go to the Coral website to see their New Customer offer. This example they have is sign up as a new customer bet £5 and you will get 4 x £5 free bets equaling £20.

Qualifying Bet

We need to find a £5 bet to place on Coral with odds more than 1.5 in order to qualify for the £20 free bet.

We want to find a bet that’s as close to 1.5 as possible.

This image shows a good bet to place our £5 qualifying bet. As you can see Chelsea to win is on odds of 1.61.


We can risk £5 on chelsea, hope they win and get the profits from the qualifying bet plus £20 in free bets. But this is gambling…as matched betters we don’t gamble.

Then we need to find this bet on BetFair so that we can lay Chelsea on winning.

As you can see from this image Betfair Chelsea to win we can lay  for 1.65. This is close match odds between Coral and Betfair and good match to bet on.


Now place your £5 bet on Coral for Chelsea to win.

Lay Chelsea at 1.65, we will need a stake of £5.03 this will require a liability of £3.27. The liability is the amount you will lose if Chelsea win the game.

If Chelsea win the game we will win £8.05 at Coral but we will lose £3.27 on betfair, meaning we have a loss of 0.22p, but we have £20 free bet at Coral.

If Chelsea don’t win the game we’ve lost £5 at Coral but we’ve won £5.03 minus commission at Betfair. The commission is generally 5% which is 25p meaning we’ve made an overall loss of 0.22p. And we still have the £20 free bet at Coral.

Free Bet

Now you’ve got your £20 free bet it’s time to find a good match to play this on you should really try to use higher odds as you’ll make more money from the free bets. The problem with having larger odds is that difference between the bookie odds and the exchange odds are much greater.

The next Chelsea game they’re playing away to Stoke which are set to 5.5 to win, this is a good game to look at for matched betting.

On the exchange you’re hoping for odds around 6.2.

Now place your £20 free bet on Stoke to win. If they win your return will be 5.5 * 20 = 110 then minus the stake = £90.

Lay Stoke on betfair we need a lay amount to win an equal amount of money if the bookie wins or if the exchange wins. Using the lay calculator we should lay Stoke at 14.63 which gives us a liability of £76.08.

Whatever happens in the match we will make a profit of £13.92.


Let’s have a look at what happened with this starting bet.

Our qualifying bet will lose 0.22p whatever the result of the match but we get £20 free bet.

From this £20 free bet we will make £13.92 profit whatever the result of the match.

From this offer we’ve made £13.70 in risk free money and can now move on to the next bookie and do the new sign up offer.

Where To Get Started?

If you’re looking to get started in matched betting I suggest you look at using the site Profit Accumlator. The reason why it’s useful to use a site like this is because they do all the hard work for you, they find all the offers from 100s of bookies and filter out the ones that aren’t worth doing.

They write very easy to follow instructions on how you can achieve the most money from the offer.

There is a very active forum that using daily will help you make even money from things like price odd boosts.

There is a free trial that will make you around £14, which easily covers your first month of membership fees.

Try it out and see what you think.

Profit Accumulator


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